Poetry contest

Hey guys, I’m entering a poetry contest so I need you guys to comment witch one is better!!!

Math- By Me

Math, numbers and patterns- what will be from these two- what will they do-perhaps there’s more numbers in this problem-perhaps the other numbers robbed him- there is more to this puzzle- but no need to struggle- for relax your brain and it is clear- the answer is very near.

Markers-by me

Markers color for me, I can even draw a bee, this is not all, but this is fun until I am finally done – It can be green, it can be brown, just don’t let me wreck the town – this is not all the fun you can have for I am a marker, now draw me a house.

Coding- by Griffon

Coding, making games, this is just one of the names-hope there’s no problems or perhaps some bugs, just program it to give a lot of hugs- it’s warm at night at the house, still programming, oh hey there’s a mouse, please don’t go about your ramming-everything is quiet, there is no riot, this is a surprise, I’m going to get some fries-I come back to my desk where I then find a mess, I think of the mouse and then of the house, I’ve spent too much time creating these rhymes- so bye I say to all my viewers after that I go ahead and check out all the rumors.

Five Nights At Freddy’s-By Griffon

  Five Nights At Freddy’s, it’s a nightmare, and even more than that there’s a ton of jumpscares- If you go there at night you will not be doing alright, oh, and did I mention the fright- everybody’s coming out , don’t worry you don’t have to pout, everybody’s back in the car and then we leave, very far- we are not coming back, not even if we have a bat, we are done and we have left, now no one has had their death.

So please comment below which you think is better, Oh, and wish me good luck!!!

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