My favorite Challenger memory

My elective is called genius hour, where you can follow your passion. You can do 3D printing, create games, become a youtuber, and lots more, what I do however is I create games and short films. This is why this is my favorite memory, I finally launched my first game, it wasn’t good so I kept improving and improving it. Finally it was done, almost everyone in the classroom played it. After this moment I went on to create more games, and some short films.

This is a link

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This is my first post for the student blogging challenge, so here is some stuff about me. I love math and I am successful in it as well, reading isn’t one of my favorites but I get good grades every test. I also love coding and creating games, I only have one game right now and it’s not very good, but here is the link anyways. It will be at the corner of this post. I am not an outside person and I love being lazy. That’s all I can say about me so check out this blog for more posts.